Arduino 1

Arduino 1



This micro-credential denotes a student who has become proficient in understanding and using an Arduino in digital fabrication.

Instructions: To earn a micro-credential, take pictures or video of each criterion to show as evidence of your mastery.  When sending in your evidence be sure to organize your evidence and add captions or descriptors to explain what is happening.  Please do not send in multiple jpegs without organizing them in Slides, Docs, etc.
For additional background on Arduino and using a breadboard for circuit building see the Arduino tutorial comic.pdf

  • Explain how breadboards function (include how power rails, terminal strips, and connecting wires work)

  • Implement the "blink" example using an external LED on a breadboard

  • Implement a variation of the blink code using 3 external LEDs - change the code in some way from the tutorial example

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