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Mission Statement

To develop and share a new paradigm for world-class education using technology as a gateway to cultivate students' inquisitive nature, exercise innovation, think critically, and collaborate to become leaders who are self-sufficient learners with the same passion as Chattanooga's Renaissance.

  • Paradigm - we are changing the way school happens
  • World-Class - we are creating a model for others throughout the world to replicate and aspire to be like
  • Technology as a Gateway - technology is for students to use in order to enhance the learning environment
  • Inquisitive Nature - students are to become seekers and investigators in their learning
  • Innovation - students are to create new and original ideas, processes, and products
  • Think Critically - students are to access, use, and apply knowledge
  • Collaborate - students are to work together to enhance learning, share ideas, and create better products
  • Leaders - students are to learn not only how to follow, but how to lead
  • Self-Sufficient - students will not be strictly reliant on the person standing in the front of their classroom for their success, they will have the skills necessary to be successful in any setting
  • Chattanooga's Renaissance - once nicknamed the dirtiest city in America, Chattanooga's Renaissance is about the transformation where Chattanooga is now known for the arts, technology innovation, outdoor activities, healthy living, and tourism; a transformation that took dedicated, forward thinking, and creative people

About The School

School Name - STEM School Chattanooga

  • STEM: stands for our brand. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • School: the school is currently a 9-12 high school. But, by not signifying a grade level, this provides the opportunity for expansion to lower grades in the future.
  • Chattanooga: the home city of our school. This also provides an opportunity for other STEM Schools to copy our plan in other places (STEM School Maryville, etc.).
  • Font: Chatype font is used with our school name logo to represent innovation and our city.

School Colors

  • Green: stands for nature and science. Pantone 17-6153 TPX.
  • Blue: stands for math and technology. Pantone 19-4056 TCX.
  • Silver: stands for creativity and engineering. Pantone 14-4102 TCX.

School Mascot - Tesla

STEAM mascot image

Mascot - STEM School Chattanooga Pythons (Nicknamed "Tesla")

  • Everyone at STEM School Chattanooga is a Python.
  • Our mascot is modeled after Nikola Tesla. Nicola Tesla invented wireless transmission and everything we associate with radio. His inventions are the backbone to how energy is emitted wirelessly across the world and his inventions are the foundation to the creation of the Internet.
  • During the process of creating the image of our mascot we tried to incorporate the following items in its unique design: the meaning of STEM, innovation, the Tesla coil, and an image that exudes the sheer sense of pride that being a part of this school gives our students, staff, parents, and community.
  • Two attributes were important in choosing the shape of the mascot. The first was pride, as we know that being a STEM student requires our students to perform at levels above and beyond their peers. The second was power, as we expect our students to impact the world and the workforce in a powerful and positive manner. To represent this pride and power, the vision of a snake with a strong coil (like a Tesla coil) and great power was created. 

  • The type of snake chosen was a Python. The python was chosen because of its strength, but Python is also a coding language used in computer science and STEM fields.
  • The colors included in the mascot are blue, green, and silver - our school colors.
  • Inside the design of the snake are gears. This represents how all of the subjects in STEM work together to create a dynamic and integrated learning experience. 

  • The snake's coil is drawn as an S. This stands for STEM. It also represents a Tesla coil - which revolutionized the way that electricity was created and distributed.

About the School

  • In August 2012, 75 freshmen became the inaugural class of the Hamilton County STEM high school, located in a new, high-tech facility adjacent to the Wacker Institute on the campus of Chattanooga State.
  • Students at all levels of academic achievement submitted applications to the STEM school. All HCDE high schools were allocated slots based on student population. The seats were filled through an open lottery.
  • Dr. Tony Donen, nationally recognized education administrator and author of two books on innovative academic measurement, serves as the school principal.
  • The keystone of the platform school is a curriculum model focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics, & Medicine (STEAM2).
  • The curriculum is aligned with the Tennessee and Common Core Standards.
  • The student experience is rooted in project and problem based learning, an educational approach through which students explore real-world challenges and shift their thinking to the practical applications of the academic material.
  • The STEM school will serve as a demonstration site for innovative practices in STEM education and incubate a curriculum and partnership program which can be implemented in schools throughout the region.

STEM student

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