Assessments – Standards Based Grading

At STEM School Chattanooga we believe in using a standards-based grading approach to our assessment process. The concept is to put students at the center of their learning and empower them to take ownership of that learning. In order to do so, we develop summative assessments that are performance based and provide students the opportunity to show mastery of the learning targets being assessed. For more information about this grading practice, click on the Learning Targets and Grades link.

Here are example summative assessments for different courses at the STEM School.

Assessment: Biology - Cells and Cellular Transport - Cell Comic Strip
Assessment: Chemistry - Chemical Bonding - Create a Game
Assessment: English I - Expository Writing - Fictional Character Essay
Assessment: Geometry - Coordinate Geometry - Dept of Transportation
Assessment: Physical World Concepts - Data and Equations - Space Log
Assessment: Programming - Basics, Functions, Loops, Data Types - Python.ipynb
Assessment: Spanish 2 - Interpersonal - El fin de semana

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