At STEM School Chattanooga, students are sorted into four different Houses (Staupers, Tesla, Einstein, and Mirzakhani) based upon the Myers Briggs personality types: Guardians, Rationalists, Idealists, and Artisans. Click on the links below to find more about the famous person each House is named after and to find more about the specific personality types that comprise each House.

Staupers House

Tesla House

Einstein House

Mirzakhani House



Einstein Crest

Mirz Crest





Key Guardian Traits:


Key Rationalist Traits:


Key Idealist Traits:


Key Artisan Traits:


Which Personality Type would you be sorted into?

Take the longer/more precise quiz here


Take our short quiz below:

Pick one for each of the questions below:

1.) Extrovert(E) or Introvert(I)

Extrovert - Do you get your energy from being around other people?

Introvert - Do you get your energy from being by yourself?

2.) Sensing(S) or Intuitive(N)

Sensing - Are you better at improving on others’ ideas?

Intuitive - Are you better at being creative and coming up with ideas?

3.) Feeling(F) or Thinking(T)

Feeling - Do you make the majority of your decisions based on emotion?

Thinking - Do you make the majority of your decisions based on logic?

4.) Judging(J) or Perceiving(P)

Judging - Are you more of a list maker?

Perceiving - Are you more free flowing?

Which Personality Type did you get?


ESTJ Overseer

ENTJ Chief

ENFJ Mentor

ESTP Persuader

ESFJ Supporter

ENTP Originator

ENFP Advocate

ESFP Entertainer

ISTJ Examiner

INTJ Strategist

INFJ Confidant

ISTP Craftsman

ISFJ Defender

INTP Engineer

INFP Dreamer

ISFP Artist

*Note for selecting a student's House the above is not the sorting mechanism.

Why does the STEM School use Houses, does it help better students?

Click here to read an article about how being part of a House, or part of a collection of students with similar traits, can help students earn a sense of community.

Here are some fun Myers Briggs charts to check out the personality types of you, your friends, and your family.

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