Micro-Credentials Overview

Digital Fabrication Micro-credentials (or micro-badges) are digital representations of educational achievements. Just like pins and medals earned for skills training or learning, micro-credentials represent the completion of requirements set by the organization issuing the credentials. Digital Fabrication Micro-Credentials are awarded for smaller, bite-sized learning or mastery of skill awarded for the demonstration of very specific competencies in the area of Digital Fabrication.  STEM students who earn their Master Fabricator milestone will be eligible to apply for a non-paid internship in the Global Center for Digital Innovation.  Master Fabricators will also be recognized during graduation.   

Student earn micro-credentials through an online app called FabFolio.  Go here for more information. 

FabFolio logo

Micro-Credential Milestones: Click each pathway for more details and requirements to earn a milestone. 

Apprentice Fabricator

Journeyman Fabricator

Master Fabricator

To earn a micro-credential, take pictures or video of each criterion to show as evidence of your mastery.  When sending in your evidence be sure to organize your evidence and add captions or descriptors to explain what is happening.

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