May 19, 2021 – End of Year Items


Parents and Guardians,


Thank you for a great year and working with us on navigating school through the COVID-19 pandemic. We absolutely appreciate your flexibility and patience. Your support and encouragement with your students have been critical in their success. Not only are #stemstudentsarethebeststudents and #stemteachersarethebestteachers, there is no doubt #stemPARENTSarethebestPARENTS!


Items of note as we head to the end of the year.


COVID-19 Vaccination Event


The first dose vaccination STEM School event is on Friday, May 21 from 9am to 12pm. We are excited to provide this opportunity to students and their families. Please note that students can participate without parents needing to be present. Please follow the steps below. 


For those unable to make this event, here is a link to the Hamilton County website for vaccination dates and locations. There are a lot of options, especially for the Riverpark location next to STEM. Link - Hamilton County Vaccination Opportunities


Three Steps to Complete:


Step 1: You can book your appointment at the following link:



Step 2: Complete the pharmacy consent form and bring to school:

474412_d4c615f561e1498aa2c425824f5b003a.pdf (filesusr.com)


Step 3: Complete the HCS Acknowledgment form and bring to school:



Masks Update


We wanted to provide a reminder and an update regarding masks.


Reminder: On March 15, Hamilton County Schools retired the Phase Tracker and committed to maintaining Phase 3 mitigation strategies through the end of this school year.


Update: In accordance with Governor Lee’s Executive Order 80, which calls for the lifting of mask requirements by the end of May, masks will be optional for all grades and all staff as of June 1. HCS will continue to monitor community spread of COVID-19 cases and reassess our mitigation strategies if necessary.


Important Note: 100% of STEM faculty and administrative staff are vaccinated. As we move into next school year, we encourage our entire STEM community to consider receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as it’s a key mitigation strategy in putting this pandemic behind us.


EOC (End-of-Course) State Testing 


EOC state testing is completed and submitted. Originally, the tests were to count as 15% of student final grades. We have confirmation that the state will not be completing the scoring in the designated timeframe in order to count these scores in the student grades. So, student final averages will be determined based on the grades in Powerschool only. We do look forward to getting the testing results back though, so we can assess areas of need for student learning in 21-22.


STEM House Heads for 21-22 


Congratulations to each of the following upperclassmen. Each has been selected as a House Head or House Representative for the 21-22 school year. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, yes, the roles are very similar. These students will be leading efforts throughout the year in organizing house activities and competitions, and leading their respective houses.


--Staupers – Heads: Ivy Strode and Taylor Donen, Representative: Spencer Sonke

--Tesla – Heads: Zarash Khan and Jocelyn Baucom, Representative: Eliora Davis

--Einstein (current House Champions) – Heads: Joy David and Riley Brown, Representative: Gresham Pitts

--Mirzakhani – Heads: Juliana Burlaka and Mary Alice Brewer, Representative: Luke Todd


Grades 9 and 10


Students are involved in either Inertia Institute or Fabrication/Dividend Days through May 27.  

-Inertia Institute is for students who have ANY learning targets that are missing or below basic. Students are assigned Edgenuity units to complete for bringing these learning targets to a basic level. Once they have successfully done so, they will enter Fabrication/Dividend Days. @home students in Inertia Institute will participate virtually. 

-Fabrication/Dividend Days is for students who have ALL learning targets at a basic, proficient and/or advanced levels. These students will be participating in micro-credentialing STEM opportunities. You can view these opportunities on the STEM School website under the DigFab Badge icon. We are extremely excited to have our students work on these micro-credentials during this time. These are STEM skills that help separate our students from students anywhere else in the country. @home students in Fabrication/Dividend Days are invited to come in person to work on their micro-credentials at school, as there will be no virtual Dividend Days. 


Thursday, May 27 is the last day of school for grades 9 and 10. This is a half day (school ends at 1pm).


Monday, June 7 is the first day of summer school for grades 9 and 10. Students who still have Edgenuity to complete for learning targets are required to attend in person. Parents and students will be notified by May 26 if the student has summer school. This is required in person attendance for students who plan to return to STEM in 2021-22 and who still have Edgenuity to complete.  




Please note that Chromebooks will be collected up prior to the end of the school year. Please note that students in grades 9 and 10 that participate in summer school will work with Ms. Condra regarding Chromebook usage for the summer school timeframe. 


STEM General in Canvas


STEM General in Canvas is a course that all students are placed in to receive schoolwide announcements. As students head into the summer, we highly encourage that they review STEM General for opportunities. For example, here are some items posted recently:

--Volunteer Opportunities: Posted by Ms. Parris for students to access different local volunteer options to pursue.

--GCDI Interns: Posted by Ms. Burrus with information on STEM Micro-Credentialing and opportunity to be an intern in the new Global Center for Digital Innovation.

--GenCyber Summer Camp: Posted by Ms. Millard with information on a 5 day cybersecurity camp experience at UTC (no cost to students!).

--UTC BioAstLab Internship: Posted by Dr. Donen with information on applying for a fall internship at UTC in their research lab for biomechatronics innovations.


All students have access to STEM General in their Canvas. We encourage you to ask your student about items in STEM General and share these posts with you.


Upcoming Dates Condensed


May 17-21: ER (Extended Remediation) for Grade 11

May 21: Graduation Ceremony

May 27: Last Day of School – Grades 9 and 10 

June 7: First Day of Summer School


Thank you for your support! Have a great summer!


Dr. Tony Donen


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