3D Designer 1 - Tinkercad

3D Designer 1 - Tinkercad


Instructions: To earn a micro-credential, take pictures or video of each criterion to show as evidence of your mastery.  When sending in your evidence be sure to organize your evidence and add captions or descriptors to explain what is happening.  Please do not send in multiple jpegs without organizing them in Slides, Docs, etc. 


This micro-credential denotes a student who has become proficient in understanding and using Tinkercad in digital fabrication.


  • Create a 3D model using multiple shapes to form a single object, including both shape types (solids and holes) - show HOW you made the model
  • Manipulate model (show each of the following actions: object rotation, moving up/down or left/right, align, & mirror)  
  • Locate, import, and modify an existing model
  • Replicate an object or model to scale  (show original and scaled side by side)
  • Explain how and why you would manipulate the workplane (see picture below)

Workplace Manipulation tools

  • Export model as an .stl file

  • Export model as a .svg file for laser cutting and open SVG in preview or vector software. If you need access to vector software, see the steps below.
    • If you are using a Chromebook or Chrome Browser, you will want to open Gravit Designer https://designer.gravit.io/
    • Create a free account
    • Import the SVG file and change the border to any point size greater than 1.
      • Take a screengrab of this image as evidence.

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