Analog Engineer

Analog Engineer



Student has built proficiency in developing a product through analog fabrication.

Instructions: To earn a micro-credential, take pictures or video of each criterion to show as evidence of your mastery.  When sending in your evidence be sure to organize your evidence and add captions or descriptors to explain what is happening.  Please do not send in multiple jpegs without organizing them in Slides, Docs, etc.

Analog fabrication means you use low-tech materials and design without using computer software.  Another way to describe analog fabrication is by calling it a low-fidelity prototype.  Low-fidelity prototypes are quick to make and enable early visualization of alternative design solutions.  Low-fidelity prototypes can provoke innovation and provide a starting point for users to make changes.


  • Create a concept sketch of your idea. The sketch should include measurements and projected materials. 
  • Create a small-scale functional prototype using quick prototyping materials (cardboard, hot glue, rubber bands, etc.) and/or more sturdy prototyping materials (plywood, solid wood, etc.). 

Example prototype:

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 3.12.04 PM.png 

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