Electronics 2

To earn your micro-credential, be sure to show each step along the way.

LED nano



  • Correctly hook up and solder LED programmable light strip to a battery and Arduino
  • Program Arduino to control LED light strip using the Fast LED library and example code
  • Complete “Novice” requirement below by altering the code to personalize the LED strip actions
  • (Optional "Advanced" - replaces “Novice”) write your own unique code to personalize the LED strip actions
  • Show working product at each step

See the instructions below if needed.


Power Supply

1. Solder red wire from 9V receptacle to VIN (Voltage In) 2. Solder black wire from 9V receptacle to GND (Ground)

Note: this terminal will get a second wire for the LED strip

LED Strip

1. Solder wire from Arduino 5V to +5V on LED Strip

(this can attach to any of the +5V terminals on the strip)

2. Solder wire from Arduino GND to GND on LED Strip

(this can attach to any of the GND terminals on the strip)

3. Solder wire from Arduino D3 to Din on LED Strip

(this has to be soldered to the first Din on the strip because the signal is directional along the LED strip)



Make sure your Arduino IDE has the FastLED-3.3.3 Library added to its libraries before starting


1. Connect the Arduino Nano to the computer via USB
2. Open the Arduino IDE. icon

3. If necessary, download and extract the SinzianaPanel at:  github

4. Open SinzianaPanel.ino in the Arduino IDE

5. Set the following constant values (X = number of LEDs on your strip) :

#define WIDTH X #define HEIGHT 1


6. Compile the Sketch and Upload to the Arduino Nano


7. Connect the battery

NOVICE: (yes this is part of earning the badge)

Complete steps 1-4 of the beginner section above, then attempt to modify one or more of the .cpp files shown in the tabs at the top of the menu bar to make the lights do what you want (HINT: “Twinkle” is a great place to start if you are relatively new to coding Arduino).  Show how you changed the code. 

(Optional) ADVANCED

Ignore the libraries and just do what you do!

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