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Parents and Guardians,

We are super excited to get our 2nd semester rolling here at STEM! We hope your holidays were wonderful and you are ready to share your students with us once again. Here are a few items we would like to share with you as we begin January.


The culminating 12th grade student STEM IV entrepreneurial competition is finally here. Next week 12th grade teams will present their STEM business pitches. On Wednesday judges from LAUNCH, PEF and STEM administration will choose teams to compete in a finals competition. The finals, which we call the SURGE Showcase, are open to the public and will be judged by business leaders from throughout Chattanooga. The SURGE Showcase will take place in the Bond Auditorium on the Chattanooga State
campus from 1:30pm-3pm on Friday, January 11. You are welcome to attend. We cannot wait to see and hear from our students on their amazing ideas, see their work come to life, and find out which team is the 2018-19 STEM School champion!

STEM Building Renovation and Dress Code

Since Thanksgiving, Chattanooga State has been installing a new roof for the entire Center for Engineering Technology, Arts & Sciences (CETAS) building. The roofing work is still ongoing but the building will continue to be fully functional during the renovation. When the roofing work began around Thanksgiving, we were unsure how much the roofing work would impact the temperatures in the STEM building, so we allowed students the opportunity to be out of STEM in order to dress in heavier clothing. However, the heating was not impacted and we anticipate that to be the same going forward. Starting the first day back on January 7, students should be in STEM dress code requirements. As part of the dress code, the outer top garment for students is their STEM wear. Students can wear clothing under their STEM wear to dress warmer if desired.

School Closings

Please note that the STEM School is part of Hamilton County Schools and is closed for inclement weather when Hamilton County Schools is closed. However, upperclassmen that have Chattanooga State or UTC college courses are expected to attend their college courses if those campuses remain open. All upperclassmen should be on the TigerAlert system for Chattanooga State that will allow them to receive texts from Chattanooga State regarding any changes in their regular schedule of classes. Information on TigerAlert can be found at

As for 10th grade students who may have STEM lessons they lead this spring at elementary schools or 11th grade students who have PBL items with partners in the community, if Hamilton County Schools close, those activities are also cancelled. If there is a delay, those activities will still be on but the students will need to check to see if there is a change in start time due to a delay (they can check Google Classroom for a post).

Upcoming Dates

-Monday, January 7: First day back for all students (9th-12th). This is a full day from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

-Monday, January 14: First day of 11th and 12th grade College/STEM schedule for spring semester.

-Monday, January 21: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no school)

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Tony Donen


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