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We loved seeing everyone today! The students are fabulous and we are super excited to be working with them this year. Thank you for sharing your students with us. They are awesome!

Throughout the year we will use email to send updates and information to you. Below are some items we wanted to share as we start the year.

Parent Leadership Team (PLT) Meeting – Monday, August 19

The first Parent Leadership Team, or PLT, meeting will take place on Monday, August 19th at 6:30pm. All parents who want to be part of the PLT are welcome to attend. The PLT is the leadership group of parents who want to lead and take initiative over endeavors to help our school. If you want to be a parent leader, this is the group for you.

First Day of College Classes – Monday, August 26

This date will be the first day of college classes on the Chattanooga State campus. All of our 11th and 12th grade students will begin their college STEM schedule on this date. All 11th and 12th grade students will also have a copy of their student’s schedule prior to August 26 that must be approved by their parent. If you have any questions regarding your student’s schedule, please connect with Ms. Millard at any time.

School Fees

Please note that school fees can be paid online. If you go to the school website, under the “For Parents” tab there is a link for "Online Payments". There are two school fees this year for all students. One is a $20 Art, Science and Technology fee and the second is a $40 Magnet Programming fee. If you need assistance with this process or just want to pay fees in person, Amy Robinson in the front office can help. School fees should be paid by August 23rd. Please note that school fees are incredibly helpful in running the school and creating the best learning opportunity for students. We thank everyone that has already paid fees and completed this process.

Pick Up, Drop Off and Building Hours

In the morning and afternoon, pick up and drop off for student car riders happens in the Wacker/CETAS parking lot. The lot next to the STEM School entrance is only for staff, visitors, and buses during the times of 9:00am-9:35am and 4:00pm-4:45pm. Please be mindful of this procedure. In order to also maintain appropriate dismissal procedures, parents must arrive before 4:15pm in order to dismiss any student early from school.

As for STEM student drivers, the Wacker/CETAS parking lot is also where these students are to park. All STEM drivers must get a Chattanooga State parking pass or they will be ticketed. Chattanooga State police also patrol this lot often and will ticket any drivers who speed. The speed limit in the lot is 15 mph.

Please note that the STEM School building hours are from 9am to 5pm. The building may be open prior to 9am and beyond 5pm, but we cannot guarantee that is the case on any given day. As for the Chattanooga State campus, the library is a popular spot for STEM School students as it opens earlier than STEM and stays open later.

Website Highlight – Student Handbook

Each month I will highlight a portion of the school website for you in these emails. We have a lot of information about our school that can be found at the link and this will provide the opportunity to emphasize a particular item for you.

The first website highlight is the Student Handbook. You can find the Student Handbook by clicking on the “For Students” tab at the top of the homepage. When you click on Student Handbook, you will be taken to a Google Drive folder with Dress Code, Intervention Procedures and Handbook information. These documents were created and are edited by our Student Support Senate. The senate is the group of students who make and edit the rules for the school. The senate meets monthly with me to discuss school items, create plans to support a positive and productive student culture, and make changes to school rules and interventions that can be found in the online Student Handbook folder.

Start of Week Activities and Google Classroom

Students in 9th and 10th grades are working on first week team building, procedural and back to school activities. Starting next week they will start into their first quarter schedules and first units of study. Both grades will also begin using Google Classroom for daily assignments and project work. Students in 11th and 12th grade officially start academic classes on August 26 as their academic schedules match the Chattanooga State calendar. However, they will also begin to use Google Classroom in preparation for their assignment posting prior to August 26.

STEM Jubilee in the News

Part of the purpose of our school is to impact not only our school, but others as well. At the end of July, What’s Right With Our Schools on Channel 12 produced a news story about our work this past spring on the STEM Jubilee, the largest school based STEM event in the state (created, led and run by our school). Check it out here: (you may have to copy and paste this link into your browser).

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Tony Donen

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