Parents and Guardians, 


I realized today that we are on our 20th day since seeing the students at school. We definitely miss seeing them in person! As we head into spring break on the Hamilton County School calendar, we wanted to share some updates with you. 


Virtual Learning – Weekly Checkpoint and Academic Virtual Intervention Emails


Teachers have been posting a Weekly Checkpoint each Monday for students in Google Classroom. The Weekly Checkpoint is the task list for students in that class that needs to be completed by the next Monday at 9:30am. This list helps simplify student expectations for any new items introduced for that class each week. 


Please note that the Weekly Checkpoints posted this past Monday (March 30) will be due on the Monday after spring break (April 13). 


For students that do not submit the weekly checkpoint items, an email is sent to the student (and parent). A Student Work Form is required of the student to complete. The form takes just a few minutes, but it denotes the student’s plan for completing the work. This helps both the student and teacher know what is going on and the student plan for their assignments. For Student Work Forms that are not submitted, teachers will be calling the parent to discuss what is needed to support the student during virtual learning.


Spring Break – Hamilton County Schools


Spring Break for Hamilton County Schools is from Friday, April 3 through Sunday, April 12. STEM School teachers are also on break during this time and will not be posting assignments or working with students. Please note that Chattanooga State college classes are continuing online this week. The college classes are still completing virtual learning during this time and students with college classes are expected to participate.


Learning Targets and Final Date for Work Submission – May 1


All learning targets for grading and course credit will be completed by April 13 for grades 9 and 10, and April 17 for grades 11 and 12. However, student work submissions for learning target grades will be accepted until May 1 if the student is pursuing Proficient (85) or Advanced (100) in the gradebook. Any learning target grade that remains non-proficient after May 1 will become Edgenuity in 9th and 10th grades. 11th and 12th grade students will be assigned required remediation work for any non-proficient learning target in their courses. 


Chattanooga State Campus Closed 


The Chattanooga State campus is closed to all non-essential personnel. The only people who can access the STEM School are those people working on the 3D printing for health care personal protection equipment. If you need assistance, please email staff at the school or call (we can still access voicemails).




Several items that normally take place at the end of the year have been cancelled at this time. These items include STEM Jubilee, STEM Gala, State Testing and ACT Testing. The district is developing a task force to address what will take place with graduation if it needs to be changed/moved/altered, and also to address if proms (our Gala) would take place at a later date. As we find out information from the central office at Hamilton County Schools, we will pass that information along to you as well. 


Final Note


We have been incredibly impressed with the resilience of our students and the professionalism of our staff during this time. We are also immensely grateful for our parents, who have proven to be (yet again) incredible supports and role models for their children.


Happy Spring Break and thank you for your support! 


Dr. Tony Donen


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