Parents and Guardians,


This has certainly not been our hope for how our year would end, but we thoroughly appreciate the flexibility, understanding and patience from you as we work through the COVID-19 crisis. Below are items we wanted to share as the school year comes to an end.


Timeline on Grading and Work Completion


At this time most students have completed their coursework for each STEM high school class. However, our teachers will be continuing to support students until May 15 who are still working. During the week of May 18 thru 22, the teachers will finalize student high school grades. Current grades in Powerschool reflect current status with the exception of three points that will be added to the final grade for honors courses.


As for college courses, Chattanooga State courses are finishing up the next two weeks. College course grades will be added to student high school transcripts once we receive them from the Early College office. The high school transcript will reflect the higher college course grade between the mid-term grade and final grade.


Teachers have sent emails to every student in their classes with the student status for that class. Each student has received an email from each of his/her teachers. The email states one of two possibilities.

#1 – The student has successfully completed the course!

#2 – The student has learning targets which must still be successfully finished and has been assigned items in Edgenuity (grades 9 and 10) or work in ER (grades 11 and 12) for the student to do. These items must be completed successfully for the student to finish the course. Only learning targets that were expected to be completed by March 13 are included.


Teachers will also send an additional email to parents at the beginning of next week (and copy the student) if the student still has learning target work to successfully complete. All work for grades 11 and 12 must be completed by 4:30pm on May 15 (or the student must repeat the course). Any Edgenuity work still not completed by May 15 for grades 9 and 10 will be the work students must complete in virtual summer school. Parents will receive an additional email the week of May 18 for grade 9 and 10 students who are assigned virtual summer school with information on the summer school process being used this year. 


Procedures for School Pick Up and Drop Off Dates


Over the past two days, each parent has been sent an email detailing the closeout procedures for students in that particular grade level. Each grade level has a separate day to complete these procedures and each student has a specific timeframe for doing so.


Seniors – Grade 12: Thursday, May 14

10:00am- 10:45am Last Names: Abdul Kadir thru Conwell

10:45am- 11:30am Cook thru Everett

11:30am-12:15pm Fontana thru Howard

1:00pm- 1:45pmHuff thru McKissic

1:45pm- 2:30pmMikes thru Patterson

2:30pm- 3:15pmPostell thru Robinson

3:15pm- 4:00pmRoundtree thru Ziedens


Juniors – Grade 11: Monday, May 18

10:00am- 10:45amBain thru Cambron

10:45am- 11:30amCharles thru Dockery

11:30am-12:15pmEaster thru Hernandez

1:00pm- 1:45pmHinton thru Madrigal

1:45pm- 2:30pm Mcusic thru Perkins

2:30pm- 3:15pmPitmon thru Sossville

3:15pm- 4:00pmStrickland thru Zukowski


Sophomores – Grade 10: Tuesday, May 19

10:00am- 10:45amAchata thru Brock

10:45am- 11:30amBryant thru Crutchfield

11:30am-12:15pm David thru Green

1:00pm- 1:45pmGregory thru Kyle

1:45pm- 2:30pmLaymon thru Pitts

2:30pm- 3:15pmPorter thru Spitznagel

3:15pm- 4:00pmStappenbeck thru Wilford


Freshmen – Grade 9: Wednesday, May 20

10:00am- 10:45amAdams thru Brown 

10:45am- 11:30am Burlaka thru Donen

11:30am-12:15pm Durham thru Hixson

1:00pm- 1:45pm Huinker thru Madrigal

1:45pm- 2:30pm Marshall thru Perez Vasquez

2:30pm- 3:15pm Quering thru Springs

3:15pm- 4:00pm Steele thru Ziedins


Student and family will drive up to the STEM School and stay in their car. STEM staff will be set up to exchange items with the student. Students should bring items to return (Chromebook, calculator, borrowed STEM uniform items, books borrowed from English teachers, etc.). Staff will also collect items for the students (items in locker, etc.) and give these items to the student.


The attachment to this email includes a very important document.

--STEM School Entry Pass – This document must be printed and shown to the police officers at the Chattanooga State entrance. This is REQUIRED to enter the campus.


We look forward to seeing everyone for school closeout procedures. If you are unable to make the specific time slot or need to come a single time because of siblings in multiple grade levels, please email Jim David (assistant principal organizing closeout procedures) to work out a time for your family (email –


Teacher Appreciation Week


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! We are truly thankful for our amazing faculty and the care they have for our students. Collectively we have the best teaching faculty of any school. We are sad that we cannot celebrate the week with the teachers, but here is a short video thanking our teachers from our administration:



Important Upcoming Dates


May 8 – Last day of Chattanooga State college class sessions (finals take place the week afterwards)

May 15 – Last day for teacher support for all grade levels

May 18-22 – Teacher administrative week (no student virtual learning support)

June 1 – Summer School begins virtually for 9th and 10th grade


Thank you for your support!


Dr. Tony Donen



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