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Happy Friday! We look forward to seeing you next week at the STEM School Open House night. Here are some items we wanted to share, including details regarding the structure of Open House created by the Student Council. 

Open House – Tuesday, September 25 at 6:30pm

Our STEM School Open House will start at 6:30pm on Tuesday, September 25th. The Student Council has developed a rotation schedule for the evening for parents/guardians. The evening will end around 8:20pm. Rotations will include the following:

---9th Grade: 10 minute intervals with each 9th grade teacher, college and career counselor, club fair and FabLab tour. 

---10th Grade: 10 minute intervals with each 10th grade teacher, college and career counselor, club fair and FabLab tour. 

---11th and 12th Grade: 10 minute intervals with each Phase II (combined 11th and 12th) teacher, college and career counselor, club fair and FabLab tour. 

Parents will be grouped by their student’s House (
Staupers, Tesla, Einstein, Mirzakhani). Don’t worry! The Student Council will get you to the correct spot if you are unsure what House your student is in. Please note that the Student Council designs and runs the evening. It will not run perfectly. But it is another opportunity for our students to lead AND learn how to plan, manage and adapt. Our mission is to develop critical thinking, collaborative and innovative skills in our students, and Open House is another opportunity for students to practice and learn these skills. 


America Achieves – a leading national organization to develop clear pathways for economic advancement, civic engagement, and success for all in a rapidly changing economy – visited the STEM School this past spring. This month America Achieves published a feature on STEM School Chattanooga and our work. Here is the feature.

Senate Bill S.2752 is currently being considered in Washington DC. The bill creates a National Fabrication Lab Network that will support the digital fabrication infrastructure for the United States. 10 different groups from across the nation were invited to speak and present their work in digital fabrication for this bill. STEM School Chattanooga was selected as the national K-12 school of excellence for this example and honor, and was the only K-12 school among the 10 groups invited. 

Lemelson-MIT – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology initiative to celebrate outstanding inventors and inspire people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention – hosted a national conference in California this week. The conference brought together folks across California to learn about invention and entrepreneurship in education. STEM School Chattanooga was contacted and asked to present about what we do. STEM School Chattanooga was one of only two K-12 schools invited and was highlighted as a national model for high school.

Graduation Date and Time

Graduation date and time is set! Mark your calendars for 11:30am on Saturday, May 18 at the Tivoli. 

Publix Update

The Publix Partnership program to raise money for schools has changed. We no longer need to use the green Publix key tag; we can link our accounts to the STEM school by phone number. You will earn funds for STEM School Chattanooga when you type in your phone number at checkout (same method used for digital coupons). Please take a moment to link your account or sign up to help raise money for STEM using the link below.

Publix Partnership Link

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr. Tony Donen


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