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  • All students deserve equal access to school counseling services
  • All students deserve an individualized Four Year Academic Plan
  • All students should have the opportunity to develop resiliency and mastery by learning through failure and success
  • All students should take developmentally appropriate ownership of their education and practice self-advocacy



Our school counseling department is committed to delivering a comprehensive counseling program that encourages students to build bridges between high school, college and careers. We support our students' academic achievement in an exceptionally challenging educational setting, and we champion social and emotional growth for all students while developing ready graduates for college and career success.


To encourage innovation and the individual access of technology as a tool will develop college and career readiness in STEM students, to promote critical thinking and creating self-sufficient learners propels STEM students toward academic success, to foster collaboration in tomorrow's leaders awakens and matures STEM students' social and emotional well-being

STEM School Chattanooga MISSION:

To develop and share a new paradigm for world-class education using technology as a gateway to cultivate students' inquisitive nature, exercise innovation, think critically, and collaborate to become leaders who are self-sufficient learners with the same passion as Chattanooga's Renaissance.

Guidance vs School Counselor

Contact the STEM School Counselor:

Anna Millard, NCC, MEd: email

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