School Fees and Supply List

Hamilton County Schools denotes school fees for each school in the county. The below fees represent those needed to best support the student learning experience at STEM School Chattanooga. Fees and supply list items should be paid and brought in to school by the end of the first week of school each year.

Fees approved by Hamilton County Schools:
---$20 Fee for Art, Science and Technology
---$40 Fee for Magnet Programming

Every grade level has the same school fee and school supply items each year.
---The school fee for STEM students is $60 total ($20 for Art, Science and Technology; $40 for Magnet Programming). This money is used to support technology and PBL integration at each grade level.
---The supply list for STEM students includes 500 sheets of copy paper (1 reams), pencils (pack of 25), and headphones. The copy paper and pencils should be dropped off in the front office during the first week of school. The headphones are for each student to keep with him/her for personal use.

School fees can be paid online each year in the Online Payments link under the For Parents tab.

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