3D Designer & Printer User

3D Designer & Printer User

3d print


This micro-credential denotes a student who has become proficient in understanding basic 3D design and using 3D printing in digital fabrication.

Instructions: To earn a micro-credential, take pictures or video of each criterion to show as evidence of your mastery.  When sending in your evidence be sure to organize your evidence and add captions or descriptors to explain what is happening.  Please do not send in multiple jpegs without organizing them in Slides, Docs, etc.
  • Choose 1:
    • Use Tinkercad to split an .stl file (from thingiverse) into multiple pieces for printing (OR)
    • Design your own object in Tinkercad. Show how to Group and Ungroup objects. Show how to turn objects for optimal printing (creating the least scaffolding).

Do ALL the following Criteria:

  • Download .STL from Tinkercad. 
  • Generate gcode (with correct printer & filament setting) from an .stl file and make a successful print

  • Change and/or load filament
  • Explain differences between PLA/ABS filaments

  • Explain differences in print quality settings
  • Show final printed product

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